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Mission Statement

School Mission Statement

Masuda Middle School is committed to providing an environment that promotes academic excellence through the mastery of basic skills while challenging students to become life-long learners and to reach their highest potential.  Guided by knowledgeable, highly trained teachers, administrators, and involved parents, students at Masuda Middle School will become effective communicators and creative thinkers who will be successful and responsible citizens.
School Vision Statement

Masuda Middle School is a 6-8 school located in the city of Fountain Valley, in Orange County.  We strive to provide its students with a very positive and personalized setting.  The school program is designed to be the bridge from elementary to high school.  High academic standards, a well-maintained and orderly campus, a talented and dedicated staff, and enthusiastic student involvement have combined to make Masuda Middle School students very successful.  The school offers diversified programs featuring a wide range of activities both curricular and extra-curricular, which promote high student interest, a sense of tradition, and a quality learning experience for all students.

Teachers, staff, and administrators continue to act on the principle that students come first.  The educational programs at the school are tailored to meet the needs of the changing school population.  Masuda Middle School is dedicated to ensuring the academic success of every student, providing them with a comprehensive educational experience that becomes an integral part of their lives.