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Principal's Message

Welcome to Masuda Middle School, Home of the Monarchs,

As your principal, I welcome you to Masuda Middle School!  We are a dynamic and engaged school community, focused on excellence.  We pride ourselves on our positive and student-focused culture, paired with our high academic and civic expectations for student development.  Our namesake, Kazuo Masuda, displayed unmatched courage, honor, and sacrifice for his family and his community.  These pillars of character guide our work every day as we strive to foster our students' development toward adulthood.
Being a principal is a true joy.  Most people don't understand how much fun I have working with our students and our staff, but to me, the position I hold and the people I work with are everything.  I traveled many journeys in my own life and struggled for sure during my middle school years.  Middle School has changed for the better since my youth, and a great reason why is that we hire and retain people at this level who love kids this age, and who are determined to work every day to make it better for current students than it was for them.  
Welcome to our school family!  Here is to a terrific three-year journey through adolescence designed to nurture, guide, strengthen, and grow our kids!