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Welcome to the Masuda Library!

Library Hours

Mon, Tues, Wed, and Friday
8:00am - 3:30pm
Closed Thursdays
Welcome to the Masuda Library.  We aim to be a welcoming environment for all students.  

Library Policies:

  • Respect for others and for library materials is required.
  • Cell phone use is restricted in the library during school hours except with Ms. Miller expressed permission.
  • Board games may be played at lunch or after school as long as other working students are not disturbed.
  • No food, drink, or water is allowed in the library.  
  • Students should plan to print their assignments at home.  If their home printer is not working, however, students may print 1 copy of their assignment in the library provided there are no graphics, graphs, or pictures.

Masuda Library Collection:

Go to: Masuda Destiny Discover

To Log In:

Enter your username which is your school email address (ex. [email protected])

Your password: Enter your six-digit student ID number followed by two zeroes (example: 52593600)

You can now browse the catalog, check your account, put a hold on books that are Checked OUT, or open E-Books. (Be sure to close the book when finished reading.)

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at [email protected]

Stephanie Miller

Library Media Technician